Osteopathy and Sport

Sport Osteopathy concentrates on the treatment of compromised body mechanics, function and posture.
A detailed knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the human musculoskeletal sytstem enables the Osteopath to identify problems which have occurred because of injury or mechanical stress and to treat both the symptoms and, more importantly, the underlying causes. This also enables the body to heal itself, thus enhancing performance and minimising the likelihood of recurrence. Whole body considerations are integral to the Osteopath’s approach.

Most common Problems that may suggest visiting an Osteopath

  • Persistent Harmstring or Calf strains
  • Low back pain after games
  • Injuries that do not go away
  • Recurring Achilles problems
  • Constant knee problems
  • etc.


One of the particular skills of the Osteopath is the ability to assess and address the underlying causes of a musckulo-skeletal problem. The treatment of complex non-resolving and recurrent injuries is especially suited to the Osteopathic approach. Assessing the interaction between the different tissues that determine a body’s structure enables an Osteopath to anticipate potential problems and provide treatment to prevent injuries which that sportsperson’s individual development and mechanics has predisposed them towards.

Ms. Judith DeLany of American Physical Therapy Association has noted studies that have shown that in 76% of cases the cause of pain is not where the pain is!