Osteopathy and Children

As children grow from babies to teenagers, their bodies go through amazing and rapid changes. These changes can place considerable stress on the body, particularly if there are underlying musculoskeletal problems preventing normal development.

Children may develop these problems from a variety of causes, including:

  • trauma during pregnancy and birth
  • childhood accidents and falls
  • infections or inflammatory conditions
  • genetic disorders
  • postural strains
  • sporting injuries
  • growth related stresses and strains

Osteopathy’s safe, gentle and effective approach makes it especially suitable for treating your body, child or teenager. Before treatment commences, the osteopath will prepare a comprehensive case history of your child and complete a physical examination to determine which type of osteopathic treatment is suitable, and whether there is a need for referral to other health care practitioners.

The Osteopath may also offer advice on posture and exercise.

Osteopathic care may assist in the prevention of health problems and the attainment of milestones by helping the young body to adapt to growth-related changes. With its safe, gentle and effective techniques, osteopathy can help your baby grow into a healthy child and, ultimately, a healthy young adult.